Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lesson 34. Find time for serenity.

I was in the second row of the grid - waiting for the traffic lights to change, with just one car in front of me. They changed, but nothing happened. Had the driver fallen asleep?

Maybe, if I could have climbed into the passenger seat next to them i would have discovered that even though their eyes were closed, they weren't asleep. They were just chillin'. And wearing one of these shirts.

They say Beat the stress of peak hour. Close your eyes and relax at red lights. The driver behind will always let you know when they change.'.

relax at traffic lights

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lesson 33. Don’t leave things too late.

In kindergartens and many other settings, people have to deal with the issue of wetting pants. It might be incontinence or it might just be that they forgot to go. I mean sometimes, especially for kids, there are so many distractions that a full bladder has difficulty getting your attention.

In those situations it's up to the carer or other responsible adults to remind the pant wetter to go, or at the very least, to ask if they need the potty or toilet. Which is where this clever shirt comes in.

Instead of waiting until you see a dark patch on the crotch of their pants or down one leg (by which point it's too late), it reminds you
to ask early, and often. It does this with the simple message 'Ask me if I need the toilet'.

It's also available in organic cotton and is useful whether you are toilet training or toilet timing.

toilet training

The lesson to avoid putting things off applies to all facets of life. So take inspiration from the first global twitchhiker, Paul Smith, who says "Everyone has ideas about fun things they'd like to do but never get round to them. Then six months later someone else does it and they think, damn why didn't I do that? I didn't want to be that person."

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lesson 32. Learn new things.

It's clichéd to say that the pace of change is speeding up. But it's
true. So it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and
technologies. If you're not using FaceBook, FlickR and Twitter, some
people will think you're behind the game. If you don't have a mobile
or cell phone, let alone a SmartPhone, you're considered a Luddite.
Well, SmartPhone owners have a new(ish) technology to learn – QR
codes. These small, square codes can carry a lot of information, in
more than 4,000 alphanumeric characters. They can also link directly
to web pages via your phone's browser. And, just for fun, they can
contain coded messages like in these QR code t-shirts. The code says If you can read this, you're a geek So if someone points their smartphone's
camera at the code, it will display the message on the phone. The same designers are offering custom QR code stickers and buttons (badges)etc. for under five bucks. You can email the message you want coded to
pregnancydesigns AT yahoo dot com.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lesson 31. Pass things on when you no longer need them.

This maternity shirt says I'M A VIRGIN in big bold letters. So at first glance it looks like it couldn't possibly be true.

virgin pregnancy shirt

But beneath the main text, in brackets, it says "this is not my shirt". Ah, now it makes sense.

It also reminds us that many things we use can be passed on once they're no longer useful to us.

You could sell them on ebay. Or if you're feeling more generous, why not pass it on for free via the fantastic Freecycle network.

I've given and received some great items, and even made friends while freecycling. you can too.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lesson 30. Use your vote - because lesser minds are using theirs.

This is arguably the funniest political slogan t-shirt, because all sides can laugh at it.

I wear slogan t-shirts and I vote

At first, it looks like one of those hardcore political shirts that end with the words AND I VOTE. You know, I shoot AND I VOTE or I support gun control AND I VOTE. Or I'm pro-life AND I VOTE with a matching I'm pro-choice AND I VOTE.

But this one takes the cake for banality and hilarity combined into the slogan:: I wear slogan t-shirts AND I VOTE

If you don't use your vote, you're handing all the power to people who would wear this shirt. Doesn't that scare you?

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Lesson 29. Have a Happy Birthday

One of my children was born on Boxing Day – the day after Christmas. So far, she and her siblings think she's lucky, because she gets presents two days in a row. She also gets a birthday celebration with her family on the day, then gets an un-birthday party with her friends later in the year. I hope she can keep that optimistic view of it.

A friend of a friend was recently complaining about the injustice of his birthday, which is on Christmas Day itself. In fact, he thinks Christmas should be held on a different day each year, just like Easter is. "Why is Easter at a different time each year anyway?" he complained, adding "and why can't they do the same for Christmas?"

Still it must be better than being born on February 29! Those people only get a birthday every four years.

I'm pretty happy with my birthday. It usually coincides with the Queen's Birthday long weekend, so I get an extra day off to celebrate. It's not a holiday associated with lots of tradition, so I'm not sharing the limelight with a bigger occasion either.

Does your birthday coincide with a public holiday, anniversary or just someone else's birthday? How do you feel about it?

birthday on Christmas Day

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lesson 28. Life is a cycle.

Now that oil prices are hitting record highs and the concept of peak oil has entered public consciousness, it seems timely to blog about cycling. Specifically, about commuting by bicycle.

As far as cycle paths go, Melbourne is better than most cities, but not as good as some.

Unfortunately, I sometimes get the feeling the town planners who designed the paths thought people only ride for leisurely enjoyment, not to get from A to B by the most efficient route possible. So the cycle path I ride most often meanders along the coast, while cars get to drive to the city centre in an almost straight line.

On the plus side, it is a beautiful way to start the day, as you can see in this photo of the path near Elwood.

(In winter, it's dark by the time I'm cycling home, so of course I can't see the view - in fact, I can barely see the path.) Another plus is that being separated from the cars makes the path safer, quieter and the air cleaner.

I do worry about the health implications of cycle paths that follow freeways. I hope the new Eastlink Bikeway doesn't follow the road as closely as the Gardiners Creek Bikeway does. It has the added health risk of the high tension power lines as well. So all the particulates being spewed out from the traffic become charged as they drift down onto the panting cyclists below. The static charge could make them stick in the lungs.

Aside from that though, the health benefits of cycling can't be denied. Nor can the economic benefits. So you could say that if you burn fat, not oil by cycling instead of driving, you'll spend less, pollute less and weigh less.

It makes you wonder why anyone would pay a gym membership to lose weight, when you can cycle for free and also save on fuel bills.

That doesn't mean I'm trying to turn every drive into a 'guilt trip'. In fact drivers should be happy to have one less car to compete with in traffic, in car parks and in the bidding war for dwindling oil supplies.

No wonder I feel so good on the days that I cycle.

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